Classes & Workshops

"Moving Tao: Cultivating your Creativity"
with Pearl Huang and Ellen LeBel  REGISTER HERE
Ever wonder how to get out of feeling artistically stuck, uninspired or bored? Join Pearl Huang and Ellen LeBel in a workshop designed to reconnect body, mind and spirit and rejuvenate your artistic practice with Tai Ji Qi Gong, Chinese calligraphy and play. Experience and learn how traditional Asian artists focus their energy physically, mentally and spiritually through movement and awareness.

In this workshop, Pearl will demonstrate and introduce her Tai Ji Qi Gong meditation and healing practice with the brush and dance movements. Pearl is a joyful teacher who makes it fun and easy to participate along with her demonstrations. Ellen, a sumi-e painter and dance/movement therapist, will invite artists to play with images, color and expressive movements awakened by practicing movement forms. This workshop is designed for all artists and no prior experience with Tai Ji or Chinese brush calligraphy is needed. Materials are included. Please bring your own sketchbook and pen or pencils and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Date and time: Sunday, November 2 from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (with a one-hour lunch break)
Supplies: All materials are provided by instructors!
Price: $75.00
About the instructors:
Pearl Weng Liang Huang was born and educated in China and the United States. She is a Chinese brush calligrapher, Chinese language, Tai Ji Qi Gong teacher, and performing artist of stage and film. She has lived in Taos, New Mexico since 1997, where she taught at the University of New Mexico and founded the Taos International Society, a non-profit organization that promotes understanding through language, art, music, writing and film. Pearl is semi-retired and continues to teach privately at her own Ru Yi Studio. For more information:  Visit Pearl's website here.
Ellen LeBel is a painter, dancer and psychotherapist. While teaching art and dance to high school students and performing as a clown, she became interested in the healing aspects of art and play and earned a graduate degree in dance/movement therapy and counseling. She began studying Japanese ink painting (sumi-e) and calligraphy several years ago. Ellen has exhibited her sumi-e paintings and calligraphy, pastels and mobile digital artworks in solo and group shows. She also offers creative arts therapy in her private practice as a Marriage and Family therapist in Arcata. Visit Ellen's website here.

"Making Art with Mixed-Media Collage
with Rachel K. Schlueter
Want to try something new? Rachel has designed this four-hour workshop with experimentation and creativity in mind. Join her and explore innovative ways of using a variety of materials, including paints, mediums, drawing implements, stencils, found objects, magazine clippings, etc. Exercises will be provided each week to get your creative juices flowing, and Rachel will even supply most of the materials!
Date and time: Sunday, November 30 from 1-5 pm
Price: $60
DRAWING CLASSES with Brent Eviston

"The Art & Science of Drawing"
DESCRIPTION: Drawing is part scientific exploration and part creative act. This workshop clearly defines the rules behind representational drawing but also explores the opportunities for expression within them. Brent puts the myth of talent to rest by demystifying the thought processes behind good drawing while encouraging each student to experiment within those rules. Students are challenged to explore any blocks they might have that keep them from producing successful drawings and taught new methods of thinking about the drawing process.
DATE/TIME: October 2 - November 6 / Thursdays from 2-4 p.m.
PRICE: $125 for all six sessions
MATERIALS: See supply link

"Mastering the Fundamentals of Figure Drawing & an Introduction to Human Anatomy for the Artist"

DESCRIPTION: This on-going class takes a deeper look into the essential skeletal and muscular systems of the body from a drawing perspective.   Each week a new muscle or bone group will be studied through demonstration drawings, examinations of a live model and time for students to draw.  Students will gain a wider  understanding of the human body in figure drawing which can be applied immediately to their own drawings as well as give them a foundation for further anatomical study.

These sessions are a great boost to any serious figure drawer's study.  Tuesday sessions are fully instructed,  filled with live demos and discussions about key concepts that improve the way students approach and conceive of their work.  Thursday sessions focus on practice time for students to draw and apply those concepts.  With Brent available for questions, demos and critiques, every session is like a mini workshop that is sure to improve your figure drawing.  
All sessions draw from a live model.  If there's a topic that interests you,  join us!  
DATE/TIME: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. - noon
PRICE: $100 for a four-session pass (need not be consecutive) PLUS modeling fee (modeling fee is dependent on number of people in class)

MATERIALS: See supply link  

INSTRUCTOR BIO: In 2012 Brent Eviston gave a talk at TEDx Eureka  arguing that drawing and visual literacy are as important as language and mathematics. He is a full-time artist with a passion for teaching and interacting with other artists. He has taken his years of drawing and teaching experience and created a unique set of workshop experiences that combine clear technical instruction with the encouragement to experiment and explore. Students leave his workshops with a new technical proficiency as well as a fresh mindset about their relationship to the medium. More information about Brent is available at brenteviston.comMastering the Fundamentals of Figure Drawing and an Introduction to Human Anatomy for the Artist" Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-noon 

See Brent's inspiring TedX Eureka talk!

with Jim McVicker
Don't miss this rare opportunity to spend two full days painting with one of the north coast's most beloved and accomplished painters. Jim will begin his workshop at ESA on Saturday morning by talking about his process and giving a painting demo. In the afternoon, students will paint outdoors at a location in Eureka. On Sunday, students will meet in Trinidad for a full day of plein air painting. Jim will help each artist understand how to see values, warm and cool color and light. He'll give individual instruction and guidance to each student as their paintings progress. Enrollment is limited and we expect this class to fill up, so register early!

"McVicker's light-filled, airy representations of the landscape capture more than his love for the Northern California scenery. They describe those fleeting moments in life where everything is perfect, where harmony prevails and nature sings. By slowing us down enough to literally feel the flow of time as it caresses the earth, Jim McVicker's landscapes inspire his viewers to appreciate the landscape that one might otherwise take for granted. Through his brush, he becomes a teacher, presenting the lessons that the natural world can offer us."  Ken Weiderman, First Street Gallery, Eureka, CA


CLASS TITLE: "Oil Painting"with Micki Dyson-Flatmo
DESCRIPTION: Micki's popular ongoing class focuses on understanding the key principles that every artist needs to know in order to improve their work. Study begins with an emphasis on drawing, including understanding value, and then expands into painting through color, edges, and how to create a good design. Students will work from their own photos or still life objects; individual goals and needs will be addressed on a one-on-one basis.
DATES/TIMES: This class meets from 1:00 to 4:00 on Tuesdays
PRICE: $100 for a four week pass
MATERIALS: Supply link
INSTRUCTOR BIO: Micki is a contemporary realist painter whose fascination with drawing and painting began in her earliest years. She studied oil painting at Illinios State University and later graduated with honors from Humboldt State University with a BA in Anthropology; emphasis in Mayan Archaeology. She has been a professional painter for the past 30 years, focusing first on pastels and then for the past 12 years on oils. The focus of her current work draws inspiration from the figure, but her life long artistic goals have always been to express a clear personal vision through the technical skills of the contemporary realist. Micki's work is collected both nationally and internationally and she is currently represented by the Cole Gallery, Seattle, Washington and Sewell Gallery, Eureka, California. Visit Micki's website at

CLASS TITLE: "DIRECT PAINTING" ongoing class with Rachel Schlueter
DESCRIPTION: Rachel Schlueter has a direct approach to painting that is uniquely her own. Join her for this exciting three-week workshop and learn how to draw with paint; how to mix paint directly on the canvas; how to make intuitive color choices; and how to use the paint itself as a means of expression. Rachel will focus on the use of photographic or print materials in an interpretive, highly personal manner that honors the individuality and creative spirit of each student. STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO USE OILS OR ACRYLICS. All skill levels are welcome.
DATE & TIME: 5:30 - 8:30 Thursday evenings, beginning January 9, 2014
PRICE: $100 for a 4-session pass
MATERIALS: See supply link
INSTRUCTOR STATEMENT: “Direct painting is all about uninhibited, spontaneous creative expression. My class is designed to help painters develop an understanding of intuitive process and subjective use of color. Painters will learn how to use the paint itself to express their thoughts and feelings as they arise, so the experience of painting will become an act of emotional and intellectual balance.” Read more about Rachel on her blog!

with Linda Mitchell 
DESCRIPTION: This ongoing class meets weekly and is open to all skill levels. Each week, Linda sets up a still life and gives students an exercise designed to guide students through the process of painting from life. Expressive brushwork, interpretive color choices, and the art of composition are emphasized. The creative voices and personal goals of individual students are fostered and developed.
DATE/TIME: Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 8:30
PRICE: $100 for a 4-week pass (need not be consecutive).
MATERIALS:  See supply list
INSTRUCTOR BIO: Linda Mitchell studied art at San Jose State University and Otis Parsons School of Design and has been painting on a full-time basis for more than two decades. Her work has garnered many awards and is collected internationally. Active in the local art community, Mitchell co-owned the Cody Gallery in Eureka in the late 1990's, wrote the North Coast Journal's Art Beat column for three years, co-founded Lost Coast Daily Painters, and has taught private oil painting lessons since 2000. Visit Linda's website at